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I like this picture. Places like this frequently become my accommodation on my travels.  Folks often ask why Laura doesn’t come with me on my pioneering types of journeys. Unfortunately she is privy to my Daily Journal. She reads the comments and details of my actual escapades, (the ones I don’t write about publicly, but have assembled into little booklets! :). She says: “No way!”

I was encouraged by a recent comment:  “You are quite the adventure traveller! You have such abundant energy. Your life style sounds exciting!” I chuckled and thought: “If you only knew!” Actually if it wasn’t for the tangible results of seeing changes in folks through these Bible training courses, I wouldn’t cope with lonely trips that are weeks away from home. People are my focus who I can bless with spiritual insights, as I travel around the globe to share what the Father has taught me.

And it is not just the people on the other end of my journey that are blessed. I also want to bless you when I tell the stories of God’s provision for this ‘living by faith’ lifestyle. I expect I get prayed for more than the average person. Someone asked if I’ve ever had any ‘near death’ encounters. When I get to heaven and see the movie of my life, I’ll probably realize how often and how close I’ve been, but it could have been your prayers that preserved me! Thanks heaps.

  • A few weeks ago a visitor saw me killing myself while operating a jack-hammer on the rock I’m trying to remove from under our house. I confessed that I only cope with that strenuous labour for only two to three hours per session. They recommended that I hire a younger fellow and then followed up their suggestion by paying his wages. That cost them about $300 but it probably saved my life!
  • Another person watched the recent price of fuel going down and recommended that I fill my fuel tank. They followed up their suggestion by donating $200 to do so.
  • A neighbour knows my liking for cashew nuts, thick soup, cheese curds, dried fruits etc. Now he regularly stops by to donate a bag full of groceries.
  • It cost $200 on one trip to obtain a passport visa for a country where I went to teach. A cheque arrived in the mail for $1000 which took care of the visa plus a good portion of the flight ticket.
  • Last week someone donated a small trailer which I repaired and sold which provided grocery money.
  • I just calculated that Laura and I have been ministering for 37 years without a wage or salary and most of the monthly gifts from donors are $40-$50. It’s pretty special to see them accumulate day by day to provide the means for me to take the Message to such out of the way locations that I go to.
  • While enroute to one country of ministry, I stopped in Korea to visit some friends. As a gift they escorted me to an upper class hotel, the other extreme from the picture above. I was overwhelmed, but quickly accommodated the unaccustomed luxury. (The toilet had a computer with buttons for ‘seat heater’, ‘music’, ‘wash’, ‘dry’, ‘air freshener’ and ‘flush’. Who has time to read or contemplate when you’re occupied in setting water temperatures in a thing like that? I was reminded that one of the daily renewed rolls of TP could be requisitioned for my next stop where TP is a luxury and not supplied!)

Last week, we received a note from a financial donor who has been with us since we began this ministry: “I’m retired now, and have to cut back on my donations. It has been a real pleasure and such a privilege helping with your work. But now, I’m praying that someone else will give the extra.” Thankfully, the praying bit is the powerful part. We appreciate every prayer for decisions on where to go, when to go, how to go and what to teach when I get there including who is going to be there to benefit. We both appreciate you, love you, need you.

May you be blessed with an anointing in your spirit to open closed doors of other people’s spirits, so that the Message will be  communicated from my spirit to their spirit, confirmed by the Holy Spirit of the true and living God. … john (Romans 10:14-15)


(original post Oct 3 2015)


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