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Valentine Intercession

Dear Friends,

Two weeks ago I made reference to being challenged by an insidious effort to steal my God ordained joy, time and energy. Sometimes 1+1 won’t produce 2! One element consists of some unknown data. That has been building up for some months. For an optimist, that can be devastating. When the enemy uses colleagues, professionals and the uninformed to chop away at my roots, it confuses. When those who claim to serve the same LORD as I do, take it upon themselves to give advice that is contrary to my own experienced understanding of Him, it is easy to question and fall prey to their offensive opinions. It proves that nothing has changed in the centuries since Job. The enemy, not being creative, still uses the same tactics and he has fresh victims in every generation!

Which part of a ministry attracts the most curses?

The part that impacts people as they seek to worship Jehovah! The enemy gets all upset and sprays my relationships and perspectives with unfounded words and thoughts. I want my intents and communications to be user friendly, but I’ve not reached perfection yet. Could you add a blessing of light so that people I reach out to can understand and find their way:

·         to be blessed with long term guidance of experiencing the purity of God’s grace;

·         to relax and keep receiving from Him until He reveals when it is time to move onward in His next guided steps

Responses to my confessing about this challenge that is stealing my joy, time and energy, became a flurry of notes confirming similar hurdles being faced by others. How often are you faced with people’s opinions or circumstances that don’t add up? That flagged my attention that our enemy has made a frontal attack. With that enlightenment I felt led to ask you to join me in a global experiment. Will you join with me for an hour of prayer on –

Valentine IntercessionValentines Day, Tuesday, February 14th at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

We will be praying for insight and release of the spirits of those individuals whose hearts have been inhibited, and who are not able to respond to God’s love and direction.

This will just be an agreed on time to commune with our Father.  I simply invite all who wish to join in the spirit realm so that we can war together with higher Authority. We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, but it is difficult to do that if there are antagonistic spirits blocking us. This is a time to acknowledge His forgiveness, seek insight, and then to clean out the rubbish that was left behind by the enemy during the days of our woundedness. 

May you be blessed to proclaim to anyone and anything your legitimacy in what ‘the LORD says’. (Isaiah 49:1-7)

Appreciating your intercession …


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