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The Sabbath Day

I believe that (300 AD) did the Christian world a great favour. But that is not what a bunch of my friends think.

SabbathFor instance, Constantine passed a resolution that made the 1st day of the week, Sunday, ‘The Lord’s Day’. My Sabbath keeping friends think that he shouldn’t have done that. Normal Believers, the ones who don’t worry about the Sabbath, think that Sunday is an excellent choice as a day set apart from the rest of the week. (It’s interesting that Christians keep Sunday; the Jews keep Saturday; and the Muslims, not to be left out, set aside Friday. At least they do if it is convenient, unless it is a prime business day to interact with the rest of the world!)

Why did God include in the Ten Commandments: “Remember the 7th day to keep it separate for rest”? It must have been VERY important if He included that statement in those 10 Basics. Why then do Believers say that it is OK to change His command to the 1st day? I’ve asked lots of people that question and have seldom gotten more than drivel for an answer! J

That’s why I think Constantine did us a great favour. I find that Sunday may be a separated day, but it is certainly not a rest day. I suspect that the Church Fathers had good intentions in meeting on the 1st day. And I’m glad they did. Constantine just legalized it. It is good to have the 1st day set aside for all the busy activities that we want to do. If all that activity had not been relegated to the 1st day then we would be doing it all on the 7th day. When would we have that Sabbath of rest then? At least now I can keep my Sabbath rest as God gave command. Thank you Constantine!

In the leadership training that I do, we put a great deal of emphasis on ‘quiet time’, ‘solitude’, ‘rest’ ‘time out’. The participants love the training and the time we set aside for practicing it. The majority have never done it; don’t know anyone who does it; and are unsure what to do during it. Lots of Believers have quick devotional times of a few minutes each day, but flounder when considering extended time periods. They privately wonder what Jesus did for 40 days; or what Elijah did while his stream dried up.

How have you dealt with the 8th Commandment? Do you have any thought or opinion on its relevance and practice? What would you do, or do you do, with 24 separated rest hours each week?

Thanks for asking our Father: to continue preparing the minds of those we minister to. Many of them are in busy places and are desperate for time out to be refreshed to go on abiding in Him. I really appreciate the role of being a catalyst and shepherd (but especially to be upheld by you, and a small few others like you.)

Thanks for asking our Father: to provide insight and wisdom to me as I meet people, communicate with selected people and disciple specific leaders. I sure appreciate how He provides funds, stamina and key ‘persons of peace’ that are making these journeys to remote, and often low profile places, possible and effective.

Rested and Refreshed … john


(original e-newsletter post –  February 8, 2013)


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