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Beaver Tale Burger

The BurgerDid you know that Burger King is making a hamburger, probably fit for a King, but which only an oil baron can afford? “The Burger” is priced at $200 and consists of:

wagyu beef,                              white truffles,
pata negra ham slices,               cristal onion straws,
Modena balsamic vinegar,         lambs lettuce,
pink Himalayan rock salt,           organic white wine and
shallot infused mayonnaise,       (fortunately for me, there are no dill pickles!)

It’s all served up on an Iranian saffron and white truffle dusted bun.

I had to go on-line to decipher what some of those ingredients are! It is only available in England, and just once a week. I wonder if it would taste any better than the delicious plain ones that my favourite cook, Laura, makes?

‘The Burger’ has aroused my creative juices! Would you be a hero in your community if I bought one for you? Invite me, or one of my team mates, to do one of our specialized training workshops for your congregation and if you pay our expenses I’ll strongly consider ordering and purchasing “The Burger” for you. (Please note: I’m still creatively contemplating how to have it delivered in all its vibrant freshness.) I suppose I could apply my signatory to this offer as: “owata gus iam”

I take great delight in innovative applications of knowledge. (Have you noticed? J) There is a significant segment of our world’s population who love to take old and established truth and weave it into creative solutions. We don’t invent anything new, we just reapply the old! (Part of our role is to stir up the rest of the world’s population who get jittery about ‘skunk work’ solutions!)

In my current study program I’m learning that it’s usual for most people to have never identified their Spiritual Gift. Even though they are our Father’s newest application to what He originated at creation, they miss their birthright and are unable to acknowledge the fruit that He wants to produce through His Gift. And worse, I join the crowd in not having a clear grasp of how I’ve inadvertently misused His Gift to me. Take an overview of the big picture perspective of Joseph’s life and how he misused his spiritual gift.

God initiated His Gift to Joseph as a young man to show how his gifting to rule would be instrumental in saving many people. Later Joseph used the honour he received in Egypt to implement plans to store food to save lives. That was God’s commission to him. But because Joseph did not understand the parameters of his spiritual gift, he focused on the aggrandizement of the Egyptian kingdom mercilessly. In his authority as ruler he sold food back to the people from whom he had originally taken it as a tax. As they ran out of cash, he took their cattle, their land and finally he enslaved them. He impoverished the whole nation. It may be because of this sin on Joseph’s part, by going beyond his anointing, that God allowed Israel to be enslaved in subsequent generations. He enslaved the Egyptians mercilessly and then later the Egyptians enslaved the Hebrews. Because of not understanding, Joseph brought a generational curse through the misuse of his Spiritual Gift. This is an centuries old lesson that has current application!

Characters from Scripture fell on their strong points, never on their weak ones. ~ Oswald.Chambers

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                                  N !!!!!!!!!!    from your seat with Christ in heavenly places (Eph.2:6)

 and ask about inviting me to buy you “The Burger” …. john 


(original e-newsletter post –  Jun 27, 2013)


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