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Sap in Canada

Maple SapDoes anything in this picture seem odd? I thought I would try an experiment this year. Instead of going every day to the forest to collect buckets of maple sap, I decided to bring the trees to our yard. Then after the sap is drained out, the wood will be dry and I can use it for firewood. Just killing two birds with one stone!

I included it in my last letter and only two people commented. I had expected that Canadians, especially those from eastern Canada where maple syrup originates, would have made some sarcastic comment!

One insightful lady asked: “Am I really naive or are you actually getting sap out of cut wood?”

 (tongue in cheek!)

“Bless you!” Is that a cliché? What does it mean in a salutation? What is meant by “bless you”… or “blest to be a blessing” …?

One of the key elements that I include in teaching and training courses is the practice of actively expressing appreciation. The art regularly receives a range of ‘Christian’ rejection from recipients. The responses have led me to investigate Biblical ‘blessing’ and ‘benedictions’. I discovered that pronouncing appreciation and blessing are the same. I’ve also discovered that showing appreciation plays a major role in my spirit being filled with Holy Spirit.

Here is an idea you could incorporate. Focus a blessing each day on a specific aspect of your life:

Saturday          Identity and Legitimacy in Yahweh            My Purpose / Conviction

Sunday            Knowing My Mission                                          Vision

Monday           Going for the Prize of my High Calling      Could Be

Tuesday           Sonship with Jesus                                             As Is

Wednesday      Spirit, Soul, and Body                                      Parameters of expressing Dominion

Thursday          Ambassador of Peace & Reconciliation   Plan of Action

Friday               Spiritual Desires                                                 Evaluation

“You are due for a blessing!” Please be aware that without folks like yourself who uphold Laura and I: partnering in praying and communicating, NOTHING of substance is achieved. Thank you for doing that; for being interested enough to read this, for giving generously and through communicating that what we do matters to you. As we follow God, we consciously ask Him to give back to you in creative blessings, in ways that we never can. As our lives are touched by you, other leaders in different parts of the world are trained, people with heavy hearts walk onwards with hope. (They receive a God-conversation … a piece of correspondence … a training course … a conference …) Please know that you minister vicariously with us, sharing our reward … because your contribution ensures that you have a part in what we do!

This is one blessing I received this week (I pass it on to you):

“Dear John, thank you for your encouraging word. I strongly agree with you about ‘blessing others’. I also have experienced this here in China while I am ministering to God’s people. May your efforts of blessing with God’s love bring you many fruits. 

I have been encouraged by you and your work and have learned a lot how faithfully you hold your role: challenging and encouraging and reminding us.

May God grant you more wisdom from Him and discernment, so that your service for Him will be more effective and fruitful.

His peace and grace be with you all the way through the rest of your life. Thank you again for your faithfulness.

Cordially with blessings in Christ, … john


(originally posted Mar 19, 2014)



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