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Is your pie balanced?

Two Blessings: I speak English but not Greek or Hebrew so I missed out on the concept that our English word ‘blessing’ actually encompasses two words and definitions in original Scripture. But as I analyzed our English translation I note that because we only have one word we have to look at the context of where the word appears to discover the differences.

The dominant definition for ‘blessing’ is to “transfer power from one person to another through the spoken word”. There are lots of illustrations of this: Abraham blessing Isaac; Jesus blessing children; etc.

An alternate definition that surfaces in passages such as Psalm One mean: ‘getting your life all together’. Wouldn’t that be a treat if all the pieces of your life were flowing smoothly together for maximum forward motion? Most of us seldom have it all together. We might have good health, but a bad marriage. Or a good family situation, but crisis at work. There seems to usually be some aspect of life that pops up so that we don’t have it all together. There is often something that hinders me from basking in a completely restful relationship with my Father so that I can serve Him in a noble way.

Balance WheelIt’s not that I’m seeking a magic wand life style or looking for a miraculous impartation from God. But I want a life that is blessed by ‘having it all together’. This pie that illustrates my eight basic dimensions of life has helped me heaps in gaining an effective balance.

When you are sitting quietly sometime, consider this pie and write out one thing that you are thankful for, beside each of these dimensions. That will identify the things you are praising our Father for. Then go around again and write down one challenge or frustration you are experiencing in each dimension. That will identify the prayer requests you are concerned about. Then look at the whole circle and discern which dimension is claiming most of your attention. (Most prayer meetings focus on people’s health and forget many of the other dimensions!) That will bring perspective on how balanced your life is. Is your pie balanced?

When I discover the parts that are out of balance I can shift my focus. A balanced life is blessed because it has it all together. A life that is all together takes on the other definition by passing on blessings to others.

May your topmost priority be to establish and guard the values and beliefs of your heart, because all of your behaviour flows from that. (Proverb 4:23)  … john


(original post Sept 28 2014)


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