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Refreshing Water

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Refreshing WaterYou just might be a water dispenser … 🙂

After eleven major events during these past three months, I’m happy to come home and ‘crash’! Now to answer people’s question: “How did those events go?”  I’m analyzing how to provide a realistic answer for the series of:

  • Leadership training courses,
  • Translation workshops,
  • Teaching seminars and
  • Preaching conferences … can tend to be exhausting!

God did some marvelous things in many lives, but I ache for those individuals who refused to apply scripture to their physical realm. One insightful individual wrote afterward: “Thank you for braving through the training workshop. I suspected there would be those that would be playing around. I’m thankful to God that there were a remnant who did learn.”

I echo those sentiments. Reaching through the bustle of people’s physical activities, to communicate to their spirit is impossible without Almighty Spirit’s motivation. (and your glass of water.) So many people, including church leaders, do not understand the Holy Spirit’s role in communicating to their spirit. They have never heard or differentiated between their spirit and their soul activities. Consequently they don’t realize fulfillment in ministry. I get soooo discouraged in trying to communicate to their deep unknown spiritual need. *

Thank you for your encouragement that is exemplified in that great truth: “Whoever gives you a cup of water because you follow Him, will not lose their reward.” Mark 9:41

At the beginning of each month Laura and I receive a statement listing the donors who have contributed financial donations during the past month. That list, combined with a regular sprinkling of notes from individuals like yourself, expressing prayer for us, are desperately appreciated ‘cups of water’. They infuse a life that we thrive on. We love this ongoing life style of dependence on Very Important Partners who are investing in a godly legacy through us. You will receive a reward.

Your ‘cup of water’ is providing moisture as we reach out to ‘Concentric Circles of People’:

  1. visiting and evangelism efforts [knowing which individuals to introduce to spiritual matters]
  2. ministry skills training and Bible study workshops [the high profile discipleship equipping activities / events that I do]
  3. coaching individuals via correspondence. [I appreciate insight to pass on wise guidance to graduates of training events, who are often located in the crisis and traumatic locations that are featured in your daily news.]
  4. itinerant teaching and preaching pulpit engagements [insight and awareness of unexpressed group needs]
  5. journaling and communicating updates of life and ministry through bimonthly Mounting Up With Wings newsletter [awareness and reporting of divine moments]
  6. researching ‘The Word’ to write this weekly devotion / homily ‘Beaver Tale’ [knowledge with flexible understanding]
  7. stimulate a Bible exploration group (weekly) [be open to contemplating truth and engaging in works of faith]
  8. discipling ‘specific and chosen individuals’ on a one-on-one basis [motivating quality life decisions]

Thanks HEAPS for the cup of water that you have dispensed as your integral part in what’s happening! …. john

May you be blessed with the Sword of God’s Word for the active transfer of spiritual principles into the physical realm.

Take the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Ephesians 6:17

* Many leaders are so busy maintaining their social status … they don’t have a statement that defines their position purpose. God says: “Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you.” Jeremiah 1:5 Everyone has a calling / birthright / appointment. But hardly anyone has discovered what theirs is.

My own ‘Purpose Statement’ is to:

“Live vibrantly; Learn continuously; Love deeply and Leave a godly Legacy”

I express that by:                                  
doing discipleship training
to selected leaders
to assist them to be spiritually effective
in their cultural settings


(original post Jun 14 2015)


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