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Musical Golden Saw on YouTube

After heaps of suggestions to do so–from endless colleagues, friends and partners–another item on my bucket list is finished. My Golden Musical Saw is now on YouTube!

See it at: Besides “Edelweiss”, there are two other submissions: “Meeting in the Air” a faster piece accompanied by banjo, and “Room at the Cross”.

Making a carpenter’s handsaw ‘sing’ is a rare experience; having a carpenter’s handsaw ‘talk’ is a one-of-a-kind occurrence. That is why I have been doing ‘Singing Saw Concerts’. They are a presentation of items on the Saw interspersed with inspirational “Life Value Stories”. Concerts have been conducted in more than 50 countries, on five continents, in remote jungle villages, mega cities, in war zones and before government officials, in board rooms and religious centres. I welcome you to enquire about booking a Concert at YOUR Venue.

Some comments I’ve received:

“That was a very informative and fun filled evening.”
“The music from that golden saw is beautiful. I would never have dreamed that such clear notes could be heard from a carpenter’s handsaw.”
“This concert was so different from what I expected. I hardly knew what to expect when I was invited to hear a ‘singing saw’! But it was marvellous. ”
“You are a gifted story-teller!”
“When will you do this again? Your music and stories were great listening.

Musically yours … john, (motivational speaker and musician J)

(original e-newsletter post –  December 2012)


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