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An unprecedented number of dead crows were discovered and there was concern that they might have died from Avian Flu. The government Environmental Department contracted a bird Pathologist to examine the remains of the 200 crows. It was confirmed that the problem was definitely NOT Avian Flu, much to everyone’s relief. Rather, it was discovered that the deaths were caused by vehicular impact.

Crows have a highly developed lookout and warning system and vehicular impacts are usually very rare. However, the pathologist determined that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with trucks, and only 2% were killed by cars. An Ornithological Behaviourist was contracted to determine the disproportionate percentages for truck versus car kills. After 18 months of research the Behaviourist determined the cause of the deaths. Crows always set-up a look-out crow to warn of impending danger.  His conclusion was that the lookout crow could say “Cah”, but could not say “Truck”. (This information is probably worth quite a bit to you!)

During these past two months I’ve been happily involved in several training workshops and a whole series of home meetings. Through them, I’ve been really blessed in the discovery of the deep interest in spiritual things by the people I’ve met. Most are affiliated, in varying degrees of intensity, with a local church. They seem to be attending out of loyalty, with a hope that they will see revival. But these folks are not just pew warmers, waiting for someone else to do something. They have a vibrancy and interest in spiritual things that indicates that their faith is alive and contagious. That’s rather interesting. In my travels, I’m usually cautious about ‘church’, because so many exhibit a lack of direction. Their purpose seems to be to maintain structure and program. But these people exhibit a deeper interest in spiritual living, plus: practical actions to reach others.

I suspect that I’m tapping into an ‘underground church’ that isn’t showing up on the ‘radar screens’ that say Canada is only 2% Christian!

I’m concluding that the ‘lookout crow’ is observing the state of the institutional church but is missing out on the reality of all the people in the Body of Believers. It’s this real Church that is going to win the battle by wiping out the varmints that are feasting on the road kill of demoralization! And for that I am full of praise.

I could have done more
The film, Schindler’s List, chronicled the heroic efforts of a German industrialist: Oskar Schindler. Through his unselfish activities, over 1000 Jews, enroute to Auschwitz, were rescued. He instituted a systematic effort to save as many as he could by buying them to work in his factory. He entered the war as a financially wealthy industrialist; by the end he was bankrupt.

When the war was over, Schindler declared his workers were all free to go. The most emotional scene of the film was when he said good-bye to his financial manager, a Jew and his trusted friend. As they embraced, Schindler sobbed saying, “I could have done more.” He looked at his automobile and asked, “Why did I save this? I could have bought ten Jews with this.” Taking another small possession he cried, “This would have saved another. Why didn’t I do more?” (James Forlines, Men’s Beat of Free Will Baptist, April ‘99)

Hindsight can be so clear. But to have hindsight that is encouraging, we need to have foresight focused on reality. Keep your eyes on Who is driving the truck and ignore the cars, the road kill and the crows. Do as much as you can by investing your thoughts and actions into the two things that will last for eternity: God’s Word & People!


(original post Oct 7 2013)


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