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Life Purpose

These greetings come to you from the beautiful country of Zimbabwe. During the training course that we conducted with leaders from here, I have been reflecting on my life purpose statement and why I exist. (Have you ever written yours out for yourself?)

Purpose Statement: “Live vibrantly; Learn continuously; Love deeply and Leave a godly Legacy”

Live vibrantly:

Candlelight Dinner

Laura wasn’t able to join me on this trip so I entertain myself by writing her notes about the daily inconveniences which can become somewhat delightful incursions into a potentially dull and mundane life style without her. The electric power here is sporadic at best, but one time it went off during supper, pitching us into thick darkness. The kitchen staff were armed for the crisis and rapidly replaced our cell phone flashlights with lovely candles. We proceeded with a blissfully romantic dinner by candlelight. It probably would have been much more blissful if my wife could have been along to join me. Eventually near the end of the meal the lights flashed on again, staggered for a few moments and then steadied into normal illumination. That’s when I noted that my neighbour’s plate was exhibiting a gorgeously huge Bug, slogging around on the remnants of his meal. All of us at the table, except him, felt terribly sorry for the poor creature who was obviously deprived of the romantic companionship of its now, non-existent mate.

Learn continuously:

One of the guys showed up at breakfast on Sunday wearing a suit and tie. That led our table discussion immediately to travel and the packing of suitcases. Do you know that my wife seems to be in the minority? Several of these guys have wives who pack their suitcase for them! I had never heard of that possibility before and would like to consider the option. The guy with the suit said his attire was what his wife had organized for him to wear that day. We took his picture and sent it to her to verify that he was following her instructions. One chap admitted that his wife packs his bag in layers. A pair of pants goes in first with the accompanying shirt laid out next. He says he has no idea of what designs and colours should go with what, so she does everything she can so that he doesn’t mismatch things. Another guy, who seldom says much, looked across the table with a somewhat confused look on his face. “How can you mismatch your clothes?” he asked. “Shirts go on the top and pants go on the bottom!”

Leave a godly Legacy:

I’m immersed in the delightful environment of training some ‘cream of the crop’ leaders from this part of southern Africa. Every day another participant takes me aside confessing that what they’re learning is very unique from anything that they have ever experienced before. (The training style is quite different and effective.) One participant brought along her ‘doodle book’ to while away the expected dull moments of the course. After fourteen days of classes from 8 till 6 she confessed that she hadn’t even opened it yet! I am so blessed to not only have association with these kinds of quality leaders but to also be able to impart to them significant and godly ‘life value’ lessons.

Learning to Love deeply … john (& Laura)

PS: During September & October, Laura and I, with Lydia, visited nearly 30 home groups across Canada. In most cases our hosts had invited fellow believers and neighbours into their homes. The thing that impressed me most was the ‘vibrancy’. Official surveys indicate that Christianity is only 2% of the population. They’re wrong! The underground Body of Believers, held down by institutionalism, is large, alive and meaningful. I desperately want to share life value resources with these Believers! How could you and I make that happen?


(original post Nov 27 2013)


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