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Anger’s Ideal World

Broken ChickHow would you fix a broken egg?

My nice African ostrich egg shell broke. That made me sad. 🙁 I hated to lose it.

After contemplation, my solution was to glue the bits on a piece of scrap cherry wood, set a candle in one piece, and put my daughter’s craftily made chick in the other. My irritation at losing a souvenir has been turned into delight! (de light!)

My question about “What makes you angry?” got more response about the anger, than it did for what causes anger! Let me refocus toward “what motivates the irritation that produces anger”. When you know the motivation underlying the frustration that produces anger, then it is easier to deal with the anger. Does that make sense?

So, instead of asking: “what do others do, or not do, that disappoints me?” contemplate what you visualize as the “effective emphasis for an ideal church”. Read through the following list and identify which emphasis you would choose, first or second:

  1. Well-prepared sermons exposing sin, warning of judgment to come and proclaiming righteousness.

I’m irritated by people who compromise truth by not sticking to The Word.

  1. Practical assistance to people to encourage and help them fulfill their responsibilities.

I’m irritated by people who fail to demonstrate practical concern or assistance for others.

  1. In-depth Bible studies with special emphasis on the precise meaning of words.

I’m irritated by people who substitute experience for traditional truth.

  1. Personal counseling and encouragement for people, to assist them in applying scriptural principles to their daily living.

I’m irritated by people who are living mediocre lives and not growing to the capacity they were meant for.

  1. Generous programs of financial assistance to the needy and other ministries.

I’m irritated by people who are diffident about trusting God for His provision.

  1. Smooth-running organization so that every phase will be carried out decently and in order.

I’m irritated by people who are not accomplishing any goals, or they have no identified purpose.

  1. Special outreach and concern for varying feelings of individuals with a readiness to meet their mental and emotional needs.

I’m irritated by people who do not have genuine love for each other.

As you pick one or two of the above you will discover that the other selections may not concern you. That is because God has created you to respond according to a certain motivational gift. That is why others with different motivation get irritated at things for which you see no cause for offense. That is important to know in bringng balance and harmony to Body Life. Which # is yours?

May you be blessed with insight and active persistence in your focus on Jehovah’s appointed calling for you. … john Heb 12:1-2


(original post Jan 25 2015)


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