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Creation Phases

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When Jehovah’s Spirit speaks through your spirit to impact world events, don’t be shy in acknowledging your role in the process. I’ve spent a week in this part of the world, unraveling the marvels of His answers to your intercessions.

Heaps of comments came from this crowd of pre-believers (:)!) that the training was alive. There was no opportunity or desire to sleep during the all day sessions. Quite a few mentioned that the teaching was from the heart. Even though I didn’t flaunt the Book they appreciated that what I said was faith sourced rather than hearsay. I wasn’t sure what they meant until someone exclaimed that most sermons from their religious leaders is stuff passed around from others. They don’t read, or comprehend their ‘holy’ book so they quote other miss-quotes and rumours. I’m glad for your support in clarifying truth?

Here’s a recent perspective on creation that I’d never noticed before! I’m so blessed to have the “6 W’s and one H” to study with.

Creation started as a blip of time in the vastness of eternity. Gen 1:1-3 tells us that He hovered over what was there and then He created light. There is not a specific wording saying that He created what He was hovering over but the fact that He had to create that glob of whatever, is apparent. Have you ever contemplated what that ‘whatever’ was?

In the vastness of eternity, that ‘whatever’ had to include first of all ‘time’. After that, in logical succession there would have been ‘space’, ‘matter’ and ‘natural law’. As Spirit hovered over that, it was appropriate to separate light out of the darkness. So on the first day of this blip of time being created in the vastness of eternity, we can see what was created.

Day One – Light
Then God moved on to ‘fixing’ the formless ‘whatever’ of what had been created on the first day

Day Two – air and water
Day Three – earth and plants

It’s important to note that at this point God had a complete creation. He had created everything that was needed to proceed from chaos to life. Everything to support life was done. He could have stopped at that point. He did sit back, look at it all and think: “This is pretty good!” (I paraphrased that a bit. Actually, He didn’t say that the air and water were good.)

But He didn’t.

God reviewed this complete creation and decided that He could move on from each of the things He’d already made and develop each portion further. (This part, days 4-6 being an expansion of days 1-3 is something I’d missed before! L)

Day One – Light                        >>        Day Four – stars, moons and planets (more light)
Day Two – air and water            >>        Day Five – birds and fish (something to put in the air and water)
Day Three – earth and plants     >>        Day Six – animals and man (something to eat the plants)
At the end of Day Six God had now created another complete creation. This one was much more elaborate and satisfying than the first set. In fact He was now so pleased that He created another ‘new’ something that is usually overlooked. He created blessing and started blessing things.
In the first phase of creation He was preparing the resources. In the second phase He provided the purpose.

But there was something missing. He needed fulfillment. So on Day Seven He created the ability to stop working and start basking. I don’t think He was tired or that He was getting ready for the onslaught of the next week, He was sitting back and enjoying the complete perfection of His accomplishments. He was fulfilled and celebrating

Similarly, He made you with all the required resources, for an honoured purpose, to ultimately have fulfillment with Him.

May you be blessed with times for peaks of anticipation to celebrate the presence of Jehovah.john  Esther 9:20-22

PS: Building godly teams is my purpose. Over these last two weeks I’ve been in Tajikistan. This week, traveling via Russia, I’m to be blessed in fellowship and training of a crowd of Thai leaders in Bangkok. Then three groups of Indian leaders in the cities of Imphal, Tura and Shillong are gathering for conferences in their part of northeast India. And just to ensure that I get this current travel bug well out of my system, I have a stop to make in Uganda with another group of leaders. My goal in these various locations is to recruit and equip a local team to have training skills to take what I teach to their own congregations and communities. It’s working.


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